Real Estate Advisory Services

APD-U helps our clients identify and act on opportunities for value creation that benefit communities. Our Real Estate Advisory Services cover a broad variety of activities related to the development of individual real estate projects for both public and private clients. These include property acquisition, cost estimates, market and financial feasibility analysis, deal structuring, financing, planning approval, and construction of neighborhood-scaled developments. We have spent the past three decades refining our unique real estate advisory process through working with a diverse set of public and private community-oriented entities. Our unique niche is that we know what it takes to create real estate projects in areas of disinvestments.

We understand how to structure financing for neighborhood redevelopment projects. Early in the history of our company, we worked with small banks who had the interest but not the capacity to fund neighborhood redevelopment. We matched them with Fannie Mae through an tri-party agreement with the local government which resulted in the funding needed to renovate over 400 units of historic property in Savannah’s acclaimed Victorian District. We have since worked with our clients to source bond financing, philanthropic funding, and conventional lender funding tied to the Community Reinvestment Act.


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