Project Scope

APD-U began revitalization efforts in the Springfield community in 1997 with an Affordable Housing Opportunity Auction. The auction has been credited as being the catalyst for revitalization in the area, and APD-U has since completed numerous other projects for the City of Jacksonville. The Phase II work with the City of Jacksonville’s Community and Housing Services Division involved developing program guidelines that encouraged housing and community development activities in Springfield, a historic neighborhood in the City of Jacksonville.

Our Work

The project included identifying key market indicators as part of managing the development of a range of program strategies that included development of the historic Main Street Corridor and the Southwest Sector of the Springfield Historic District. In addition to Project and Construction Management, APD-U successfully designed, implemented and managed the Springfield Historic Acquisition and Revitalization Program (SHARP).


  • The leverage of conventional funding to Community Development Block Grant funding at a ratio of 5 to 1
  • Property values in the neighborhood have nearly doubled since the onset of the project.
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