Project Scope

Led by the Augusta Housing and Community Development Department, the City is employing a multiphased approach to guide redevelopment, growth and sustainability in the historic community of Laney Walker Bethlehem. One of the key elements of this approach has been the implementation of a marketing and branding strategy, developed by APD-U, to effectively communicate the project’s vision through print, social media, friend raising, and rebranding.

Our Work

APD is tasked with managing marketing, neighborhood rebranding, editorials, and real estate sales in six priority project areas. The transition from the planning process into actual implementation strategies, including specific housing strategies that incorporate smart growth and sustainable practices, is communicated through project area specific websites, social media, and weekly live streams of positive community updates.


Management of a Marketing Team that has resulted in the production of:

  • Real Estate Flyers to aid sales of properties
  • Annual Block Party
  • Logos and Names for new redevelopment projects
  • Jazz Festival to celebrate newly constructed pocket parks
  • Neighborhood highlights in weekly live streams, websites, and social media
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