Analysis + Strategy

The Analysis + Strategy phase develops the foundational relationship between knowledge, understanding, and action necessary for successful projects.

APD-U’s commitment to analysis and strategy reflects our belief that all good neighborhood planning, no matter the issue, should create actionable steps towards implementation. We think they’re inseparable.

Analysis and strategy begins with a thorough examination of local conditions, engagement with stakeholders and residents, and a breakdown of relevant statistics to form a cohesive and vivid picture for our clients. APD-U then connects those facts on the ground to the needs of the community through an emphasis on strategic planning tied to realistic goals and market realities. The results are plans ready for action.



Our firm has extensive experience working on diverse branding and marketing campaigns.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential to our work. APD-U plans with, rather than for, communities.

Neighborhood + Urban Planning

Good planning makes for great neighborhoods. That’s why all our revitalization work starts with a strong plan.

Housing & Affordability

APD-U pairs all our revitalization work with an affordability and retention component.

GIS Mapping

APD-U uses the latest GIS technology throughout our analysis and strategy phases.

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