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APD Urban Planning and Management, LLC, established in 1990, is a minority-owned consulting firm located in downtown Atlanta. Our firm consists of professionals trained and experienced in multiple disciplines, including real estate development, neighborhood and urban planning, urban design, architecture, community development, and geographic information systems (GIS).

We have over thirty-years of experience as a developer of residential, mixed-use, and mixed-income projects located in urban neighborhoods through the United States. Our background as a developer working in older, underinvested urban neighborhoods gives our firm a unique understanding of how neighborhoods are formed, their historic fabric and their exceptional character. Perhaps most importantly we understand the relationship between designing great neighborhoods and retaining existing residents and stakeholders into redeveloped communities. We have the expertise and the capacity to assist our clients in successfully competing for funding sources based on strategic neighborhood plans, and to represent our clients through the management and implementation of redevelopment recommendations generated through our planning process.

Thanks to our team-based interdisciplinary approach, our clients can be confident that every aspect of their projects receives the highest level of planning, design, and redevelopment implementation expertise to create sustainable, place-based neighborhood revitalization initiatives that improve the quality of life for community residents and stakeholders.

Our mission is to bring about sustainable neighborhood redevelopment, in partnership with the community.

Our Team

O. Jesse Wiles

Principal/Chief Executive Officer

Bridget Wiles

Chief Operations Officer

Julian Wiles

Strategic Consultant

Glenda Krouse, AICP

Senior Planning Manager

Deborah Jensen, AICP

Senior Planning and Design Manager

Carter Coleman

Real Estate Development Associate

Vir Shah

Urban Design & Planner

Ben Richardson

Real Estate Development Associate and Analyst

Mia McDowell

Community Services Specialist

Marvin Winkfield

Marketing/Branding Director
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