Project Scope

APDU worked with local churches and community development groups to provide comprehensive real estate advisory services to assess the real estate transactions in the Historic Third Ward, an historic African American neighborhood located immediately southeast of Houston’s Downtown core. Efforts have been committed by the City of Houston and major funding backers to ensure long-term affordability for existing residents as the neighborhood revitalizes.  APD-U assisted multiple community development organizations to develop new affordable projects, with three pilot projects identified.

Our Work

APDU analyzed the ownership data for over 5,500 parcels and assessed the development capacity of local groups and organizations. Then, three pilot projects with the highest capacity were selected: Project Row House, Row House CDC, and Trinity East Village CDC. APD-U provided site plan, cost estimates, and capacity building recommendations for these projects. The final planning report also included a summation of the previous work competed in the neighborhood.


  • Condition parcel Analysis and a map of property owners.
  • Resources List of public and private funds, regulatory, and capacity building, with links available for more information.
  • Site plan and design for three pilot projects and financing, cost estimates, funding sources, and capacity building recommendations.
  • Previous plans summation within the neighborhood.
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