Project Scope

APD-U was procured to manage a Housing Implementation Plan for the City of Jacksonville. Within this plan, APD-U recommended building new homes on vacant lots and restoring vacant homes for homeownership in each of the 12 Neighborhood Action Plans that were prepared. The City of Jacksonville then retained APD-U to implement the housing recommendations in the Neighborhood Action Plans prepared for three neighborhoods that surround the Downtown Business District.

Our Work

Our work included refining the information needed to launch development within designated Project Development Areas, developing a streetscape design to compliment the housing development, site development analysis, building and floor plan design, preparation of construction drawings and specifications, land assembly, development of a marketing and community outreach plan, and identifying and managing builders and developers through Phase 1 of the project. As part of this project, APD provided capacity building to local community development corporations. This project included an intensive community and stakeholder participation component with quarterly community-wide meetings.


  • Designed over 20 sets of architecturally compatible house with energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems
  • Rebuilt streetscapes with street planters and trees along with sidewalk improvements
  • Incorporated rear access alleys to reduce street parking and improve safety within the pedestrian environment.
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