Celebrating 45 years of service.

We have over thirty-years of experience as a developer of projects located in underinvested urban neighborhoods throughout the United States.

Our perspective as a developer informs our one-of-a-kind expertise which results in achieving sustainable neighborhood redevelopment.

APD-U’s mission is to bring about sustainable and equitable neighborhood redevelopment in partnership with the community.

APD Urban Planning and Management is an urban planning consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. We work with communities and organizations to plan, design, and build urban revitalization projects through the analysis, strategy, pre-development, and implementation phases.

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We have over thirty-years of experience as a developer of residential, mixed-use, and mixed-income projects.


September 16, 2020

Why is the Census important?

While working at APD Urban Planning and Management I’ve learned the importance of data. The information that is captured from databases like the American Community…

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