Pre-Development & Implementation

The Pre-Development and Implementation phase is where APD-U turns our recommendations into reality through the execution of real estate policies and projects.

APD-U prides itself in being a company that helps our clients change neighborhoods for the better. That means bringing our proven capacity for project and policy implementation into the neighborhoods we plan with and moving beyond recommendations into results-focused execution.

Pre-development includes the design and preparation necessary to set up the successful execution of a project. This could include such diverse activities like architectural and urban design work, programmatic cost estimates, or property acquisition.

Implementation is a key step in the revitalization process and includes real estate development, project management, policy design and administration. Take a look at some of our projects to learn more about APD-U’s stellar track record of turning recommendations into reality.


Program, Policy, and Technical Assistance

We design and manage policies and programs related to community development and housing.

Real Estate Advisory Services

APD-U helps our clients identify and act on opportunities for value creation that benefit communities.

Urban Design

APD-U’s urban design work functions as the bridge between planning and development.

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