Project Scope

The Atlanta Housing Authority selected APD Urban Planning & Management LLC to provide real estate advisory services. This contract has allowed APD-U to provide their expertise in community development, real estate advisory services, and project implementation in a variety of tasks.

Our Work

Since 2013, APD-U has assisted AHA in several task orders. It has assisted in the application of its Choice Implementation grant through the provision of a property acquisition strategy, and mapping services. It also assisted the City of Atlanta in a successful Promise Zone application through the provision of data and mapping services. APD-U has also assisted AHA in creating a masterplan for the area surrounding Magnolia Park in the Vine City neighborhood and . Finally, APD-U provided analysis in the Atlanta Housing Authority’s eleven vacant Quality of Life (QLI) sites.


  • Illustrated, to-scale masterplan for 50 acre site in Vine City with development program
  • Data and mapping services
  • Organized multiple community events and report outs
  • Property Acquisition Strategy
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