Project Scope

The Augusta Housing and Community Development Department retained APD-U for the program management phase of the Laney Walker Bethlehem redevelopment project. As managers, APD-U’s scope of work included managing property acquisition, predevelopment work, site planning, construction activities, and construction close-out. We are also responsible for providing design guidelines in the form of a Pattern Book, implementing sustainability strategies for the redevelopment, and managing community outreach and public engagement for the project.

Our Work

During the beginning phases of implementation, APD-U assessed the project readiness
and feasibility of the recommended Project Development Areas. This included property acquisition, the design of site plans, and project management activities. APD-U is also responsible for collaborating and overseeing the work of developers, the marketing team, realtors, contractors and community agencies. As a part of this work, APD-U heads the implementation of sustainable strategies.


  • Acquisition of historic property and preparation of construction documents for restoration purposes.
  • Manage preliminary environmental assessments
  • Site plan design and implementation
  • Construction documents that adhere to the design guidelines of the Pattern Book and energy efficiency goals.
  • Construction management of homes earning Energy Star Certification.
  • A partnership with the Augusta Housing Authority on a senior housing development of duplexes and single-family rental houses.
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