Project Scope

This project served as an pre-development and implementation extension of our work on the Green Impact Zone study. APD-U’s scope of work included urban planning, architectural services, development specifications and preliminary cost to design and build various phases of the project. APD-U is also developed branding and marketing plans for project. Importantly, APD-U worked with public officials and private sector contractors to insure compliance with land use and zoning requirements, compliance with regulations related to public and private funding sources.

Our Work

APD-U provided extensive project management services for this catalytic neighborhood redevelopment project in the historic Kansas City Ivanhoe neighborhood. We worked with a non-profit community based organization, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, who acted as the primary developer. We not only provided professional leadership for the project but also built capacity so this non-profit could manage and develop future projects


The Green Impact Zone: Ivanhoe Neighborhood Project Book was created that contained:

  • A regulatory framework that would guide prospective developers towards a unified and holistic redevelopment plan for two priority project areas within the Ivanhoe neighborhood
  • Key development initiative areas
  • Examples of how neighborhood planning and pre development services can be provided to facilitate the redevelopment of key Green Impact Zone initiative areas
  • A Branding and Marketing Toolkit that outlines an overall marketing strategy for the Green Impact Zone Housing Initiatives in the targeted neighborhoods.