Project Scope

To address the impact of increasing foreclosures and vacant/abandoned properties on the stability of neighborhoods, APD Urban Planning and Management, LLC was hired to develop a Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Implementation Plan. The plan would help the City of Chattanooga design a strategic approach to stabilizing select focus neighborhood areas.

Our Work

APD-U developed a framework plan that addressed each eligible NSP use while taking a holistic approach to stabilization and revitalization as it applied to Chattanooga neighborhoods. The approach included identifying priority areas within targeted neighborhood locations; use of code enforcement tools; strategies to assemble vacant lots, abandoned housing, and foreclosed homes in priority areas; establish construction and design standards; establish marketing campaign to attract homebuyers; and document long-term strategies for targeted NSP stabilization and revitalization neighborhoods.


  • Community Involvement Workshops
  • GIS Mapping
  • Potential Project Sites Selection
  • Building and Site Design
  • Neighborhood Indicators
  • NSP Implementation Plan
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