Project Scope

The City of Hartsville desired an implementable comprehensive revitalization strategy for the historic South Hartsville neighborhood that took into account the historical and cultural significance of the neighborhood. The City also wanted a capacity building component to ensure that residents and key stakeholders would be able to move the plan forward to make South Hartsville a great place to work, live and play.

Our Work

APD-U conducted a detailed parcel analysis of existing conditions in South Hartsville. The data, along with other County and City data, was incorporated into a Suitability and Marketability Analysis to determine areas conducive to successful introduction of new and renovated housing within South Hartsville. The market analysis also assessed the optimal market position and absorption rate, and affordability of new and existing housing in the Study Area.


  • Parcel Analysis
  • Suitability and Marketability Analysis
  • Residential Market Analysis
  • Site Planning
  • Housing Development Model for affordable and mixed income housing
  • Regulatory framework guidelines inclusive of a conservation district
  • Funding Strategies Matrix for Revitalization
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