Project Scope

Preparation of a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Plan (NRS) for the Laney Walker and Bethlehem neighborhoods required an understanding of the threats, opportunity, and vision of the community’s residents and stakeholders. The plan documented threats to long-term stability, identified opportunities to build on the neighborhoods rich historic and cultural past, and partnered with local residents and stakeholders in determining an implementation plan that would be enhanced by the NRS designation.

Our Work

In order for the area area to be eligible for designation, it had to meet three of the four criteria listed in the Enterprise Zone Employment ACT – OCGA. APD-U proved the area was eligible for designation based on poverty rate, unemployment, and general distress. After assessing the demographic, economic, and physical condition of the neighborhoods, APD-U performed extensive research on potential funding sources supported by the neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Designation.


  • HUD awarded the City of Augusta a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRS) designation for the Laney Walker/Bethlehem neighborhoods.
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