Urban DesignAPD-U’s urban design work is focused on providing residents, community leaders, and public agencies with the vision and tools necessary for redeveloping areas of distress into models of social, environmental, and economic revitalization. Our design approach includes preservation of neighborhood character, architectural design elements, and existing landscape design features by using existing resources as the foundation for APD-U’s planning and design recommendations. Our urban design approach is simple, build from the strengths and opportunities within the community while incorporating the tenants of smart growth and walkability. Our approach includes the planning and design of urban residential neighborhoods, commercial, cultural, and business districts, parks and open space networks, while we work closely with our clients and resident stakeholders throughout the entire planning and design process through the use of charettes, visual preference surveys and community meetings. It is our goal to design interconnected systems of neighborhoods, streets, housing, and quality open spaces that will strengthen the overall physical, social, and economic connectivity of the cities APD-U works with, one neighborhood at a time.



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