Project Scope

APD-U collaborated as part of a team alongside several consulting firms and local experts. Troost Corridor, along with five additional corridors in the Kansas City area, was identified by MARC as part of the Creating Sustainable Places initiative with a grant provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to further their planning work in the region. The proposed scope was to identify nodes along Troost Avenue delivering market-based redevelopment plans offering recommendations for housing, commercial, and retail space.

Our Work

APD-U worked with the planning team, Troost Corridor Steering Committee, MARC staff, and residents in crafting plans that would serve as catalyst projects for the neighborhoods adjacent the nodes. Resident and stakeholder workshops were held during various stages of design to ensure their requests were being fulfilled. Two nodes along Troost Corridor were identified on which to focus. Based on the market analysis, a program was developed recommending for-sale housing, mixed-income apartments, medical offices, retail, and historic building rehab


APD was responsible for creating the many variations of concept plans and eventually the final plan. Each plan defined building square footage, parking ratios, amount of green space, and potential for new sidewalks and pedestrian connections.

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