Project Scope

CFGA  commissioned an equitable plan for the Thomasville Heights neighborhood, located in southeast Atlanta. The neighborhood was established in the 1960s, and the study area includes vacant property owned by private entities, Atlanta Public Schools, Atlanta Housing Authority and City of Atlanta. These stakeholders all came together to tackle the issues of housing affordability and equity, intensity of use, and neighborhood revitalization and preservation.

Our Work

The project was organized into major phases to ensure the community’s voice informed decision-making throughout the process. Demographic analysis, parcel level analysis, topographic analysis and infrastructure capacity were all documented. Homeowner retention strategies and a homeowner repair program were developed and are poised for implementation. A comprehensive housing and commercial market analysis was performed to gauge the feasibility of mixed-use and neighborhood-serving commercial uses in prime locations. A range of housing typologies were vetted with stakeholders and the public for implementation. A robust steering committee group with a rigorous meeting schedule ensured the community needs were prioritized amongst many competing interests. The work continued into 2023, and included 3-D modeling and proforma development for specific catalytic sites. The project is slated for implementation with support of the Mayor’s office.


  • Parcel Analysis of land uses, conditions and tenure, with accompanying map series.
  • Market Analysis, including documented market pressures for existing homeowners.
  • Monthly Steering Committee meetings.
  • Community meetings and project management meetings. 
  • Community Retention strategies.
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix for implementing strategic neighborhood plan recommendations.
  • Illustrative drawings, land use recommendations, and catalytic sites proformas.
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