Project Scope

The Community Retention Plan is a policy and implementation strategy to ensure future development on the Westside does not lead to displacement.The first project resulting from this work, the Anti-Displacement Tax Relief Fund, aims at restoring social equity practices in neighborhood redevelopment and combating gentrification through a philanthropic subsidy that covers future property tax increases for all homeowners in the designated Westside boundary.

Our Work

Our firm’s vast knowledge of the city of Atlanta’s westside neighborhoods and different implementation stakeholders served as a background for this work. Through community and stakeholder feedback, APD-U identified a variety of policies based around specific neighborhood needs. Residents were consulted to best determine eligibility and funding priorities. Long-term budget scenarios were considered for a variety of policy implementation scenarios. Finally, APD-U has been assisting the WFF with implementation and outreach for the program.


  • Community Retention Plan
  • Public Engagement Plan
  • Lead outreach and logistics for public and stakeholder meeting series
  • Proposed a comprehensive set of policies based on community and stakeholder feedback
  • Designed the Anti-Displacement Tax Relief Fund policy, operations, and outreach agenda
  • Estimated long-term (20 year) funding requirements for the project across a wide spectrum of scenarios
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