Project Scope

In 2013 APD-U was tasked by the City of Douglasville to create a Redevelopment Plan for the North Side neighborhood. This community sits directly north of Downtown Douglasville. The goal of the Redevelopment Plan was to establish a framework for future growth in the community that protects existing residents and incentivizes development that aligns with the vision of the community and the broader city.   

Our Work

APD-U collected existing conditions information for the North Side neighborhood including land use, zoning, building and parcel condition, and the condition of existing infrastructure. This information was utilized to develop a framework for future development as well as strategies for neighborhood redevelopment and revitalization. Three Catalytic Project Areas and two Strategy Demonstration Areas were identified, each of which included a variety of policy or project-related recommendations. Project recommendations included conceptual site design and financial cost impact estimates.


  • Community Engagement through two open house sessions and stakeholder engagement.
  • Market Scan
  • Collection of existing conditions through a windshield survey
  • Development of land use and zoning recommendations
  • Selection of catalytic projects
  • Phasing and Implementation Plan
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