Project Scope

The City of Spartanburg hired APD Urban Planning and Management to create a neighborhood redevelopment plan (Transformation Plan) for the Highland neighborhood, which is in close proximity to its downtown. The Transformation Plan will guide how the community is revitalized while protecting the existing community.

Our Work

The APD-U team collected and analyzed demographic, housing, existing conditions,  for the Highland neighborhood to gain an understanding of the status of the community, its history and trends. Once the analysis phase was completed, the APD-U team used this information, paired it with community input and feedback to develop the Transformation Plan. The plan contains two specific sets of recommendations – redevelopment and community retention. The last section of the report is the implementation section which calls out responsible parties, project timelines, and priorities.


  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Market and Economic Analysis
  • Masterplanning and Land Use Recommendations
  • Redevelopment and Implementation Strategies
  • Implementation Plan
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