Project Scope

APD-U was retained by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) to assist the Green Impact Zone in development of housing strategies for proposed housing initiatives. The Green Impact Zone is an innovative endeavor designed to concentrate resources – funding, coordination, and public and private partnerships – combined with sustainability principles in one specific area to demonstrate that a targeted effort can transform a community. This national model for place-based investment is now underway in the heart of Kansas City’s urban core.

Our Work

APD-U worked with the Green Impact Zone staff and neighborhood leaders in furthering the housing development initiatives and aid in working with various parties to navigate the development process in Kansas City. APD-U was able to assess characteristics critical to determining the level of readiness needed to move potential projects forward. A plan of action was established that illustrated the vision of the project, determined critical predevelopment steps, outline strategies to build capacity for the development of project initiatives and incorporated sustainability principles.


The Green Impact Zone: Ivanhoe Neighborhood Project Book was created that contained:

  • A regulatory framework that would guide prospective developers towards a unified and holistic redevelopment plan for two priority project areas within the Ivanhoe neighborhood
  • Key development initiative areas
  • Examples of how neighborhood planning and pre development services can be provided to facilitate the redevelopment of key Green Impact Zone initiative areas
  • A Branding and Marketing Toolkit that outlines an overall marketing strategy for the Green Impact Zone Housing Initiatives in the targeted neighborhoods
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