Project Scope

Congressman Daniel Davis approached Freddie Mac about providing a wide range of assistance to a non-profit community-based organization called Neighborhood Enhancement and Empowerment Development (NEED). NEED is addressing many issues in the North Lawndale neighborhood. A key component for the redevelopment of this community includes increasing homeownership rate in the target neighborhood through the development of over 800 vacant lots and hundreds of vacant housing units.

Our Work

APD-U contributed to this effort by creating a Neighborhood Master Plan to identify issues and establish priorities in key areas of the neighborhood development process. The plan also provided a framework for housing development that included infill and rehabilitation housing strategies; economic development of major commercial corridors; community development capacity building; identification of potential project sites; and coordination with public and private development partners.


The final master plan contained elements of the following:

  • Design: schematic site plans, renderings, and building and streetscape design
  • Housing: identification of potential project sites, resource leveraging
  • Community Development: best practices and training for community capacity building
  • Conditions: neighborhood indicators, photo documentation of existing conditions
  • Land Use and Zoning: policy recommendations and accompanying maps
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