Project Scope

APD Urban Planning and Management LLC was retained by the City of Anderson to develop a Neighborhood Revitalization Implementation Plan (NRIP) that addresses the blight in select focus area neighborhoods. APD-U prepared a neighborhood plan linked to existing planning efforts, allowing to capitalize on assets to further momentum and support for a successful revitalization strategy in both the short and long term.

Our Work

The Neighborhood Revitalization Implementation Plan included policy recommendations and urban design strategies for specific locations. APD-U developed a policy framework plan which address land use and zoning; neighborhood character and design elements; redevelopment strategies; code enforcement strategies; homeowner assistance; foreclosure intervention; and identification of potential funding sources. Urban design strategies were created to showcase the application of redevelopment strategies in the Focus Areas. These strategies included large-scale infill development projects; infill residential construction as catalytic projects; and developing community recreation and open spaces.


  • Community Capacity Building
  • Visioning (schematic site plans and renderings)
  • GIS Mapping
  • Potential Project Site Selection
  • Building and Site Design
  • Best Practices
  • Neighborhood Indicators
  • Land Use
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