Project Scope

 The City of Charlotte and the Carolina Small Business Development Fund requested assistance to develop a proposal for the JP Morgan Chase Partnership for Raising Opportunity (PRO) in Neighborhoods initiative. The proposal would include a long-term, holistic equitable economic development plan that brings the assets of the community and addresses potential displacement concerns for the Historic West End community in Charlotte. The goals of the plan were to create an inventory of available small business spaces, improve the business development climate, focus on equity components, and prioritize County collaboration. 

Our Work

 The APD-U Team used a data-driven process as the foundation to prescribe the array of equitable economic development programs. The Team collected condition data for over 1,000 parcels to highlight community assets and provide an existing conditions and vacancy analysis. The later analysis helped identify existing commercial spaces for occupancy by existing or new local entrepreneurs. Supplemental data such as an economic profile, demographic forecast, and market scan enriched the existing conditions analysis by establishing baseline business metrics and identifying current and future gaps of local goods and services. 


  • Parcel Analysis of land uses, conditions, and tenure with accompanying map series; 
  • Demographic Profile and Forecast outlining trends and the potential impact on current and future businesses; 
  • Business Suitability Analysis categorizing vacant and underutilized commercial space for small business use; 
  • Program and Policy Matrix aiming to improve the built environment, maximize economic potential, and create a healthy community of opportunity 
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