Project Scope

Charlotte Center City Partners (CCCP) retained APD-U to facilitate the development of a community brand identity for the Historic West End area of Charlotte, NC, that would succinctly and consistently tell the story and history of this community. The area was experiencing extensive revitalization due to a proposed streetcar stop and other surrounding improvements.

Our Work

Using participatory community engagement strategies, APD-U created a consensus based vision as the foundation for the sustainable brand identity development for Historic West End. The Team conducted an extensive engagement and visioning process over a six (6) month period, culminating in a vision, brand identity and marketing strategies that preserved the culture, told a story and celebrated the future of this historic community. Facilitating small focus groups, individual stakeholder interviews, community meetings, visioning workshops, and interactive and online surveys allowed the Team to gain valuable information and feedback throughout the process. Preliminary logo concepts representative of the brand identity were also developed and reviewed by the project team.


  • Situational assessment of area and target markets
  • Small focus groups, visioning sessions and stakeholder interviews
  • Brand statement exercise that result in core messages and brand concept that reflected the vision of the future of Historic West End
  • Implementation tracking tool to benchmark and evaluate key efforts with quantifiable data and qualitative input
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