Project Scope

 A collaboration of efforts of the Historic District Development Corporation (HDDC), APD Urban Planning and Management (APD-U), Central Atlanta Progress (CAP), Sweet Auburn Works (SAW), and LISC Atlanta resulted in the creation of the 2021 SAGE District Landscape Analysis. The Sweet Auburn Green and Equitable (SAGE) District will be the City of Atlanta’s next premier equity district. SAGE will be poised to make an impact on promoting health and mental wellness, growth and sustainability of small black businesses, workforce development, and affordable housing in one of the country’s most historic communities, Sweet Auburn. 

Our Work

The SAGE District Landscape Analysis was created to assess the current physical, social, and economic landscape of the study area. The SAGE District study area encompasses portions of Downtown, Sweet Auburn, and Old Fourth Ward, none of which in combination has minimal formal planning efforts to progress this community. The Landscape Analysis captured quantitative and qualitative data to get a holistic view of what the community must have in order to realize its vision of becoming a beacon for sustainable growth that preserves its historic roots and honors its heritage. 


 A review of nine (9) existing plans and studies completed for areas encompassing the SAGE district. 

• A community profile with accessible data points to allow HDDC to begin tracking metrics. 

• Collected and analyzed existing conditions data including Land Use, Building Conditions, Community Assets, Residential and Commercial Buildings. 

• A high-level market analysis to examine commute patterns, an employment analysis, and inflow/outflow to highlight market leakages. 

• Community engagement activities to ground truth the quantitative data collected throughout the study. These activities included attending two (2) local festivals, door-to-door delivery of one hundred (100) letters to business owners, and leveraging existing political units to talk to over 2,656 residents. 

• A list of recommendations centered around the implementation of a mobile app to help connect residents, visitors, and stakeholders to the SAGE District and the community. 

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