The APD Urban Planning and Management team (APD-U Team) is a goal oriented, multidisciplinary team of experts who support place-based, sustainable initiatives in neighborhoods and communities, particularly in those neighborhoods or communities in which disinvestment has occurred. Each APD-U team member has technical assistance and capacity building knowledge and experience of varying degrees; the majority of the APD-U Team members have over ten years’ essential subject matter expertise, and an average of eighteen years of experience. All team members are skilled and have experience in working with diverse communities and cultures; two team members are bilingual (Spanish, Vietnamese). The APD-U Team is highly qualified to address the following technical assistance and capacity building subject matter areas:


  • Capacity building assistance
  • Facilitating and fostering local collaborations, strategic planning and service coordination, especially within local political structures
  • Preparing tools and materials for clients
  • Preservation and recapitalization of distressed assets, and asset management
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Integrating supportive services with housing
  • Workforce capacity and development
  • Consulting on multiple areas of community develop and affordable housing
  • Knowledge management of technical assistance and capacity building engagements
  • Fund leveraging including public/ private partnerships, private equity investments and deal structuring
  • Performance measurement and outcomes
  • Development of green and energy efficient standards

As an urban planning firm, APD-U has additional expertise in the following specialty areas, including but not limited to:

  • strategic acquisition and rehabilitation of foreclosed, vacant and abandoned properties
  • project management
  • economic development
  • housing market analysis
  • marketing and sales
  • single family and multi-family rental and lease purchase program development
  • program monitoring and compliance
  • neighborhood planning and revitalization
  • regional housing planning
  • relocation initiatives




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