Sustainable DevelopmentAPD-U strongly believes in and incorporates principles of sustainable design and architecture, to address the social, environmental, and economic needs of neighborhoods and communities. APD-U understands that it is essential that our planning and design solutions have a long-term positive social, economic and environmental impact on the residents and community once projects have been constructed and implemented. As communities may vary in their level of technical assistance needs, we have studied and adopted multiple rating systems as a guide to our practice. APD-U’s architectural team and designers are highly competent in LEED-ND, LEED for Homes, Earth Craft and Green Enterprise Communities rating systems. All of our housing designs adhere to the tenets of energy and water efficiency. We also implement Low Impact Development Techniques like xeriscaping, solar orientation, water efficient landscaping, and light pollution reduction. Our work with energy modeling companies and builders has allowed us to continuously examine the cost benefit of energy saving construction techniques, thus allowing us to achieve higher energy savings while still maintaining low construction cost.




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