Project Management

APD-U has a well-documented process for strategic management of planning initiatives that provide a focused management plan for project implementation. Our team works with clients to establish a clear roadmap for successful project implementation by overseeing the development of detailed project scheduling and budget management.

APD-U uses logic model methodology to identify project resources for each project activity, and visually demonstrates how project resources will produce the desired, measurable project outcomes. Data collection and analysis, development of project schedules, and adherence to regulatory requirements are project controls utilized in every APD-U project. Program evaluation and review components are applied to develop an evaluative learning plan that examines project progress, projected and actual impact on the community, and project effectiveness. In other words, APD-U’s project management process is about assisting the client in managing its allocation of capital and resources identified in the planning process, to have the greatest social, economic and environmental impact possible before, during and after development.




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