Neighborhood PlanningAPD-U has extensive experience in neighborhood planning in declining urban regions. Our comprehensive approach to urban redevelopment builds on our experiences in consensus building and public involvement, architectural design, real estate development, housing financing and project management. Using this approach, APD-U delivers innovative and practical methods to planning integrated and coordinated neighborhood development strategies. Creating feasible and realistic neighborhood plans requires an understanding of the community, the market, and the visions of the clients and stakeholders. APD-U believes that public involvement is vital to the success of any urban planning project. At APD-U we apply “green principles” as part a comprehensive neighborhood planning process, including sustainable building practices. APD-U has extensive experience in historically sensitive adaptive reuse projects, infill development, and mixed use development. We approach each project with the mindset of a developer, but with the understanding that sustainable neighborhoods are communities that embrace improving the quality of life for residents and stakeholders.




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