Reginald is an Urban Planning Analyst who combines urban planning concepts with geospatial analysis to guide data-driven neighborhood redevelopment processes. He is involved with projects that include traditional neighborhood planning, existing conditions analysis, community organizing, and program management. His goal is to empower communities that have seen years of disinvestment and assist them in preserving their culture while progressing their community through the utilization of GIS technology and community branding.

Reginald’s work highlights include large-scale data analysis such as tracking development and ownership trends within communities over time as well as current building conditions and demographics that in total, create a full databased snapshot of a community. The results from these analyses assist public and private sector entities in focusing their efforts and guide decisions as to where funds should be allocated. Additionally, Reginald is skilled in the realm of graphic design which allows him to create online platforms that serve as resident education and information-sharing centers. He is also able to create branding and outreach materials that are used to highlight a community’s character and garner the maximum amount of community participation within projects.

Reginald is a graduate of The University of West Georgia where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Geography. Through his undergraduate course work, he became interested in urban studies that are centered around the history of racial injustice within housing policy and discriminatory practices that have had lasting effects on the condition of minority communities today. His interest in the history of minority communities drove him to continue his education to obtain a Master of City and Regional Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology to build a career in urban planning.



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