Cameron provides a variety of mapping capabilities to support various projects and services offered by APD-U. His responsibilities include creation of maps and spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) geodatabases, assistance in developing site plans and streetscape elevations, and development of neighborhood inventories based on existing conditions. He ensures data collected and produced is refined, validated, and accurate for client use.

Cameron’s journey with APD-U builds on his previous career experience as a mapping analyst for an economic development agency in the Midwest. There he had the opportunity to help build out and monitor a development incentive database, create internal workflows, and produce mapping products. As an undergraduate, Cameron completed several internships with both planning departments and real estate companies and served as a legislative intern in Washington DC.

Cameron has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning & Design and minor in Political Science from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Cameron is currently in the process of earning several GIS certifications.